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Justin Poublon
Friday at 10:48 AM
Supercell fighting inversion with staked plate appearance just after sunset east of Fountain City/Winona yesterday Jun 17, 2021! Large hail with these cells. Thanks for showing me around Bill Kranski!
Justin Poublon
Friday at 10:47 AM
Helpful rain in southern Wisconsin last evening!
Justin Poublon
Tuesday at 1:29 PM
SPC has placed SW Wisconsin, NE Iowa in SLGHT risk for Thursday evening storms. 
Justin Poublon
Jun 2, 2021
My new office. It'll be awhile before the computer is ready to go. I can update content from my laptop or phone but it takes the big computer for development. I'm actually happy for this because I hadn't been using it a productive manner. Crazy that it's June already and I haven't chased a storm yet this year! All things will come in time.
Justin Poublon
Apr 27, 2021
Will be watching tonight. "Sufficient elevated CAPE above the cold/stable surface-layer will pose a risk of hail in the strongest cells throughout the period." If lightning is present I will be inclined to pursue 😃
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