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Justin Poublon
Sunday at 9:01 PM
Classic. Eluded to the possibility of heavier band on the vlog yesterday. Didn't map it out though I could have. Curious to see all the reports from today/tonight. I think the 1-3" looks good for most.
Justin Poublon
Sunday at 2:25 PM
Snowy one arriving from the west. Dropped 9" in far western IA earlier. Not expecting that much in WI but there could be locally heavier amts in the la Crosse region.
Justin Poublon
Feb 18, 2021
SEASONAL SNOW ACCUM - Snowy winter for S WI, IL, and IA already at or above seasonal avg while N WI below avg. I remember many years of little snow in southern WI. Curious to see how this map looks in the end with more snow on the way.
Justin Poublon
Feb 17, 2021
Warmer next week
Justin Poublon
Feb 15, 2021
Winter weather advisory in far southeast WI for upcoming storm. Combo of low pressure system and lake enhancement could bring over 6" to Chicagoland. Snow possible across most of SE WI.
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