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Justin Poublon
Apr 27, 2021
Will be watching tonight. "Sufficient elevated CAPE above the cold/stable surface-layer will pose a risk of hail in the strongest cells throughout the period." If lightning is present I will be inclined to pursue 😃
Justin Poublon
Apr 27, 2021
Hey all. Mping data will be removed in the near future. Unfortunately not in a position to pay for it. I thought it was cool so perhaps we can bring it back later. Other than that, not much to share. Rebuilding my life. Starting over. Looking to start a new career while keeping meteorology a hobby. I will be chasing like I always have and may post more as opportunities arise Otherwise expect things to carry on as they have. Take care. Thanks!
Justin Poublon
Apr 16, 2021
Sweet sunset tonight
Justin Poublon
Apr 10, 2021
Rain expected tonight into Sun AM.
Justin Poublon
Apr 6, 2021
High based shelf cloud this AM
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