Justin Poublon
Today at 4:16 PM
test post
Justin Poublon
Saturday at 11:45 AM
Radar snapshot from Wednesday night
Justin Poublon
Thursday at 4:28 PM
Next week I will resume development work on the upcoming major update. Reworking the entire "news feed" flow of information that will be displayed in various places around the site. This requires a new database architecture and it's a process to both design & implement. It feels like a natural next step in the evolution of the website, one step closer to perfection and something I've been trying to figure out for awhile just recently coming clear. I'm considering a change to the home page news feed such that ALL my posts CAN appear at the top, i.e image or text updates. Because I don't tend to update the blog and if I don't expire it, old information sits at the top when newer info exists. Anyway, plenty of other projects left to accomplish in the weeks ahead which can move forward after this "feed" project is settled. Take care!
Justin Poublon
Thursday at 1:28 AM
Not good
Justin Poublon
Thursday at 1:21 AM
Southern Wisconsin getting their butts kicked now. Stay safe everyone.
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