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It's time to take weather seriously. Stay ahead of the storm!

Wisconsin Weather produces daily in-house, quality assured, accurate weather forecasts. We provide expert weather forecasts from and experienced team of storm chasers and meteorlogists. We provide easy to read high resolution weather maps, storm alerts, SMS/TEXT MSG & email notifications, National Weather Service warnings, and more! Have peace of mind knowing exactly what the weather is going to do while being able to confidently plan ahead. You’re not just becoming a member, you’re supporting an Wisconsin owned, hard working, passionate and dedicated small business.

Our Membership Weather Service is perfect for:
Weather Enthusiasts Farmers and Ag WeatherBusiness OwnersSnow RemovalConstructionHunting and FishingSnowmobilersStorm ChasersSpecial EventsPhotographers

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Member Services

WIWX/NWS STORM ALERTS - National Weather Service warning, watch, and advisories alerts. WWW.WISCONSINWX.COM Advanced Warning notifications via email or SMS/text msg to give you extra preparation time. Up to three locations.
MONTHLY FORECAST - detailed outlooks up to 3 months in advance.
SMS/TEXT MSG UPDATES - live updates and direct conversation with meteorologists over SMS/Text Msg or email.
SEND STORM REPORTS - let your neighbors know how much snow you got or if you are seeing dangerous weather conditions with our report tool!
DISCUSSION BOARD - Partake in weather related discussion from members across the state!
EXCLUSIVE CONTENT - Subscribe to email/text msg list and get the latest stories before anyone else!
WISCONSIN SIGNIFICANT REPORTS - receive SMS/text messages when significant severe weather is reported in Wisconsin.
ACHIEVEMENTS - get recognized for storm reports and accomplishments as you interaction with the website!
VERIFIED HISTORICAL RECORDS - Historical snowfall, rain, temp, radar loops, maps, and data. Over 100 years of easy to use records available.
AD-FREE ( NO BULLSHIT ) - no ads. no politics. no bullshit.

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How is this different from the National Weather Service?
I try to approach everything with a fresh, different perspective. There are aspects of the National Weather Service that we've taken and made better. I am not a replacement for the NWS. The biggest thing is that I am a storm chaser here to do something different. We offer interesting perspective and experience you can't find anywhere else. The drive and passion to provide a service comes from the heart. When you look around it's very clear to see.
Why pay when there's so much free information out there?
You get what you get with free information. Maybe you're here because you demand better? Maybe you're curious? Maybe you just need to try something different? Maybe you need alternative perspective? You can find gobs and gobs of information out there but there is no replacement for what we bring to the table.
What do I get for $4.99/mo?
Check out our list of member services located here :). Plus you're supporting a Wisconsin small business owner. Consider signing up for yearly payments which is $54/yr, a 10% discount from the monthly rate because I value the upfront commitment. Yearly payment option not available at this time.
PayPal & alternative payment methods
Paypal is the best option from a simplicity, security, and privacy perspective. I don't want to handle your personal finanical information. Paypal sends us your payment and we provide the service :) Easy. Secure. Reliable. We don't offer any alternative payment methods.
How do monthly payments work?
When you click "Register + Pay", you will be taken to the PayPal portal. You will be asked to confirm a payment of $4.99 monthly until canceled. While you fill out the information there we create a WISCONSINWX.COM account for you. Once the recipt of your first payment reaches our system, we turn your membership on. It stays on until you cancel it. If things don't work out there are many ways to disengage...the quickest to login to your account and simply cancel it. You're member account sticks around until you delete it so you can always turn your membership back on later :)
Do you offer trial accounts?
No. In the past when we started paid memberships we gave existing members a six month free trial. Perhaps we will in the future. I need yes or no now because my family and future depends on this. I'm looking for people who are "All-in" because that's what I am.
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