Can I share these maps on my facebook page, twitter feed, or website?
Yes absolutely, a shout-out would be greatly appreciated! Do not crop off or remove watermarks.
Where can I get .MP4 videos of radar loops?
Download our GIF loop and use a free GIF-MP4 converter to create the mp4 file. Check out our resources page for more tools.
How do I embed on my website?
Right click the image and "Open link in new Window". Copy that link into your html with an img tag src =
How frequently are maps updated?
Constantly and it depends on the product. Anywhere from every five minutes, hourly, bi-daily, and daily.
How do you do that?
Maps are created via our in-house custom mapping software developed over several years. No GIS, no shapefiles. Map elements come from a variety of sources. Check out Iowa State University
Why are map backgrounds often white?
So we can add notes or draw on them without it becoming a color overload.