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Wisconsin Weather Expanding Storm Chase Operations

Oshkosh, WI - The next chapter of Wisconsin Weather (WIWX, Wisconsinwx.com) has arrived! In the past we have limited the number of official group members. That is about to change!

WIWX is expanding it's storm chase team and looking for passionate, experienced Wisconsin storm chasers to join the team! Do you want to be an Official Wisconsin Weather Storm Chaser? Here is your opportunity! We also have new opportunities for weather forecasting and social media. All positions have requirements. See link at the bottom of this story to get involved.

Available Positions:

  • Storm Chaser
  • Weather Forecaster
  • Social Media Specialist

About Wisconsin Weather

Wisconsin Weather is a non-profit organization offering alternative weather information online and social media. Team members contribute on a voluntary basis. We forecast for a growing community of 16,000 likes on Facebook, 250+ website members, and a new group called Wisconsin Weather Nation. We advocate for storm chasing which helps people understand storms/severe weather so they can be better prepared when it occurs and become leaders in their community. We also manage large storm video libraries on Youtube. With many years experience chasing storms, we consider ourselves leaders in the weather community.

The Need for Storm chasers

Plover storm last night(1/2)
Plover storm last night(1/2)

During severe weather events, Wisconsin Weather drives across the state to find the storms ,working together to document the event on a voluntary basis. If severe weather occurs it is reported to the National Weather Service, but otherwise we provide updates from around the state of storms happening right now. We love bringing raw, real weather to you in real time! It's a casual, neighbor to neighbor conversation.

"As of July 2018, we have six team members. Three of them became dads in the last year. With less chasers available, now is the time to get more people involved. Time to share Wisconsin Weather with more people and keep it going. Without new passionate contributors Wisconsin Weather would fade away." explains team director Justin Poublon.

Individuals who become Official Wisconsin Weather Storm Chasers will post directly to the facebook page. They will be able to interact with people in real time. In the past this may have been one or two chasers; now could be four or more. We will pair this with live broadcasts to make for an awesome experience for our community!

There are multiple challenges to adding more people to the group. Team members contribute on voluntary basis. If they don't feel they get out what they put in because it is spread to thin, then they may leave the group. Over-posting on the facebook page and website are concerning. We try to limit to a handful of posts during severe events, and maybe one per day when it's slow. What will this dynamic be like with multiple posters? It will be on team director Justin Poublon to manage this going forward.

"Keeping our team together and moving forward. To me personally, Wisconsin Weather is an expression coupled with passion. Look what we can do. Look at what we can build, and I believe we can offer a better overall weather experience than news media or the NWS."

To get there, we need more people, need to get organized, and need a little more time.

Get Organized, Change the Culture

News Media is generally unwilling to share it's platform with Wisconsin storm chasers citing liability issues. There are some stations that try but the relationship is generally poor. We value different things. We only hear from them when they need something and that's not the way we operate. The National Weather Service has clearly stated they "do not support storm chasing". They claim to want quality storm reports from storm spotters that they may or may not use in warning decisions.

"I wont speak for everyone, but the NWS has always given me personally the cold shoulder and cold attitudes. Lack of respect has been the primary obstacle preventing a working relationship. There are definitely some exceptions and I'm optimistic for the future. Storm chasers are generally fun and a bit unruly. It doesn't mix well with the NWS robotic militaristic demeanor." said Justin Poublon

Right now there is only one logical conclusion for a Wisconsin storm chaser who wants to contribute to something bigger....get organized, turn the audience, and work together to change the culture to one built on sharing. We are all in this together. We will do this together.

Wisconsin Weather believes that the future will be about sharing state-wide weather information so that the audience has the best, most accurate information available. It is a future that looks bright and filled with opportunity. If you want to get involved, click here to message Justin Poublon about your interest.


"This is going to be awesome!" - Justin Poublon



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