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Wintry Mix Returns Thursday PM

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Our active weather pattern is just getting started. Warm and wet weather for late February will continue for the foreseeable future.

5 day forecast for central Wisconsin. Might be colder or warmer depending on your location relative to central Wisconsin.

A weak disorganized disturbance will wintry precipitation to Wisconsin Thursday night into Friday. It will feel similar to the last storm with snow north, mixed (or icy) precipitation in central Wisconsin, and rain showers south.

Early indications are that this system will have less overall impact compared to the Monday/Tues AM storm but with similar precipitation types. The good news is that this system will be in and out quickly. The forcing is broader/more spread out which could mean more gaps between precipitation or simply less precipitation in general.

Here are some key points:

  • Freezing rain or drizzle could be an issue once again with models showing minor ice accumulations. Freezing rain concern is driven by the combination of sub-freezing surface temperatures, warm air aloft, and overnight timing.

  • 2-6" of snow northern Wisconsin. Time will tell if we trend to the top end or lower end of that range. I like 2-4" better right now.

  • Scattered rain showers in southern Wisconsin. I would not get my hopes up for this one.

We are watching a relatively more organized system for the weekend. Plenty of uncertainty remains, especially relating to strength and location.

12GFS showing a fun snow event for this weekend. Plenty of uncertainty, notably strength and location of heaviest snow. Would be several inches of heavy wet snow potentially.
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