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Update 4.4 - Account, Notifications, & Bug Fixing

It's been quiet, no doubt...

"I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity." - Albert Einstein (www.brainyquote.com)

It's been nearly one month since the last blog post. Aside from the dreaded burn out; good things like vacation and other life events were taking place. Right now is a good time to take a breath and get ready for storm season. All we need now is a few storms!

The February update gave us privacy, reports, and video capability. It was a massive upgrade behind the scenes. The latest update to WISCONSINWX.COM launched yesterday was focused on smaller projects and bug fixing:

Change List

  • Account page redesign to include tabs for editing imported pictures/video and notifications.

  • Numerous, many, lots - of style adjustments to reduce wasted space, streamline, and improve user experience! Fixed anything that I found irritating.

  • Notifications were cleaned up, the most recent can be found under the hazard icon on the top right corner of the page.

  • Fixed warnings on forecast page had incorrect start & end times.

  • Storm reports were not making it to the database. I think I fixed this and increased the update frequency from five to every two minutes.

  • Made improvements to other feeds such as hourly weather obs and 7-Day forecast that still were not working right.

  • On successful registration, a notification will be sent and banner will be displayed for five hours on the account page.

  • Added link to profile from account.

  • Added a filter control to feed

  • Re-prioritized warning types for radar map and added warning polygons...still not happy with the look.

  • Added second pager control at top of the feed page.

  • Stories and posts can expire.

  • Reorganized report tool so report type and magnitude is the first thing you enter. The design here is fluid so don't get used to it.

  • Added "Archive" framework on the back end. Everything that gets posted will start in the "Uncategorized" archive. Thinking about Categories, Topics, and Tags (in addition to Archive) as ways to group posts and imports in the future.

  • Cleaned up media viewer. When you click an image on the feed it should look better.

  • Cleaned up footer to only show current pages (less the Reports page, that's coming).

  • Brought back the links page but it's still barren.

  • Numerous bug fixes.

Known Issues

  • On mobile, the search bar does not work in portrait mode. It does work in landscape.

  • Filter controls on Feed are dropped when paging through Feed items. This is not the intended functionality but will work for now.

  • HTTP links should automatically style themselves, but usually don't. Spent a couple hours last week on this but still no clue why.

REMINDER - if you are visiting the website for the first time since January,I recommend that you clear the browser cache. This can be done in Settings -> History.

The next update 5.0 is planned to arrive in June 2017 that will contain one major upgrade(report visualization), a couple smaller additions plus tools to edit your posts!



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