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UPDATE 4.5 - Current Weather Banner and Email

A bonus, unscheduled update went live today on WISCONSINWX.COM! We're planning a major upgrade for May and these were some things that just couldn't wait! Sometimes the plan deviates when new ideas/must-haves come to mind and the implementation is easy. In no particular order, here is the...

Change List

  • Added a current weather banner at the top of the page, shifted the search bar. Your home city will appear first on the left, second position is random wisconsin site, third is random non-wisconsin site. Additionally, clicking the widget will probably take you to a random city using that observation site. Okay for now since the search bar lets you find locations. This will be improved in the future.

  • Added About page to the main navigation menu, fixed up the styling

  • Added shadow effect to many items, looks much better!

  • Email makes its debut on this update! We wont spam you EVEN if you opted in! Things to expect right now are registration confirmations. Password recovery is coming. Lots of cool idea's here!

  • Added Contact page with link in the footer menu. But you could always write to my member profile page too!

  • Fixed maps to show colored warning boxes! Was showing just shadow and no color before (bug).

  • Added priority limit to warning/watch types on maps so they don't become too cluttered with crap.

  • Removed the old cities table and moved everything over to the new one.

  • Error handling was hung up and not working, fixed that

  • Removed vertical scroll bar from interior of the feed page, moved around elements of the forecast page.

  • Fixed several bugs when commenting on member profiles, which was buggy enough to warrant this update alone!

  • On post pages, cleaned up comments and composer section at the bottom.

  • Made several adjustments to styling.

  • Fixed location not appearing on Account -> Uploads

Sounds like a lot but they were easy implementations. What we do next will not be so easy. I share this because you might be curious to know and I want to document the website development. Don't forget to clear your cache via Settings -> History, or by pressing CTRL F5 on desktop.




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