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UPDATE 1:30PM - Flood Warning and Waterspout

UPDATE 1:30PM - 8.6" of heavy rain reported in Watertown last night. That is an impress amount of rain. Flood Warning has been canceled.

Wisconsin Weather

UPDATE 10:00AM - Flash flood warning issued for the Madison/Watertown area until 11:15AM

Wisconsin Weather
Image from 8:00AM. Rainfall amounts exceeding 5" in the the red area.
Radar estimated rainfall in excess of 5" between Madison and Milwaukee, generally north of I-94. Rain is just coming to an end now and there are spots at or above 6.0". Here are the official reports as of 9:45AM:

Wisconsin Weather
Heavy Rain reports as of 9:45AM Friday. Late report of 6.0" in Watertown.

The heavy rain is driven by a slow moving anomalous 500mb low which provides convective instability and consistent source of organized lift across southern WI.

Wisconsin Weather


Wisconsin Weather
Waterspout reported near Milwaukee

Wisconsin Weather
img src Rachel Krueger - https://twitter.com/jritka/status/1030427652765704193



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