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When you support Wisconsin Weather, you get more than a weather forecast.

I want to help you pursue your passion in life. Pursuing your passion takes hard work and failure. I know this because I'm living it. This page is my journey. Let it be an example for yours:


When you pursue your passion, you MUST VIEW FAILURE AS AN OPPORTUNITY. Destroy the negative voices. Fear only holds you back. Life is too short and this is a long process. Time is never wasted on your passion.

I believe without failure there would be no reason to improve. No growth intellectually or spiritually. No reason to learn. No story. No journey. We would all be static characters in a boring fiction novel stuck in an infinite loop.

Sometimes I hope to fall flat on my face. Get pushed off course. Smashed into a thousand pieces. All so I can break it down and build it back stronger. It's hard in the moment but clear in hindsight. As long as it's weather (my passion), the failure is never wasted. I risk almost everything...yet I am rough on the edges. An unfinished product and I embrace it. All part of the journey.


No matter what you are passionate about; you may find that your industry fails to recognize your existence. At first it frustrated me until I discovered that it is the biggest gift anyone could give me!

Instead of seeking the respect of your industry, seek the respect of the people you serve. Let the haters hate. Focus on your people. Personally I believe that If I'm going to earn YOUR respect I'd rather it be on the basis that I have the experience to deserve it. I only want to speak to you through experience.


That's why I chase the storm. It's my passion. I see, feel, taste, smell, and hear the storm. I totally immerse myself it in. I love observing the raw power and lessons of nature. There is always something more that can be learned. Always a new message to be received.

When my forecast fails I take personal responsibility to fix it. I don't make excuses. I don't run away. I don't blame the models or go "oh well". I work hard to improve because I want to do this for the rest of my life. If I borrowed ideologies...didn't take a risk once in awhile. Just followed the mainstream. What would I actually know? NOTHING. When you have passion; the value to those you serve becomes clearer the deeper they look. You just need to stay the course.


I want Wisconsin Weather to be a reflection of you. Who you are and what you believe in. An expression. We are all observers. We connect through observation of weather. But maybe there is something else here that gives you strength?

Passion aside; at the end of the day we all share the weather together. I want you to know I've got your back. I'm always going to be here. Wisconsin is home. Weather is my passion. You are my people and this train only goes in one direction. Let's roll.



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