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OLD - Another Major Storm Heading Towards Wisconsin this Weekend

WISCONSIN - Wow, what an incredible start to 2019! Yet another major storm will take aim at the state this weekend, Feb 23-24. The upcoming storm will be the 12th winter storm and 4th major event of 2019. In an average Jan/Feb you would expect to see maybe half that.

It will also be the third consecutive weekend storm. The last two brought over-performing snowfalls to northern and southern Wisconsin respectfully.


This dynamic system will bring a variety of precipitation types to Wisconsin perhaps including a transition from rain & ice to snow & wind.The primary threats include:

Major storm expected this weekend Feb 23-24, 2019
Major storm expected this weekend Feb 23-24, 2019

  • a band of heavy snow exceeding 6"+ across northern Wisconsin(central too?).

  • Mixed precipitation including rain, snow, and ice.

  • Rain and maybe some thunder in the south.

  • Precipitation could fall heavily at times Saturday night/Sunday AM.

Obviously with any track adjustment between now and then the EXACT location of heavy snow, ice, and rain could shift. These are details we won't touch until tomorrow at the earliest. Windy conditions develop during the storm, especially Sunday. It could start as a rain storm and end as a blizzard? This will be a moderate-major impact event.


I discussed the storm in greater detail in our member only discussion. Model consistency has been great on a regional scale. Dynamic, organized, and intense storm. There are small differences and sometimes disagreement increases later. There is a difference on timing with the EC model a full six hours faster centered on Saturday night. The GFS is heaviest Sunday AM with wrap-around snow throughout the day. Location of the main snow band is also a little different between models but they all agree on heavy snow in northern and some even into central Wisconsin.

A storm track shift north or south could still occur so please stay tuned as the details become clearer!

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