Flood Warning issued February 23 at 9:48AM CST by NWS Green Bay WI

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The Flood Warning remains in effect
...The Flood Warning continues for the following rivers in Michigan...Wisconsin... Menominee River near Pembine affecting Menominee and Marinette Counties. .The Menominee River near Pembine continues to fluctuate slightly above flood stage due to ice build-up downstream of the Pemene Falls. Minor flooding of lowland areas has already been reported near the river. Some improvement is expected by the middle or latter part of this week as temperatures moderate. The Flood Warning continues for the Menominee River near Pembine. * Until further notice. * At 8:00 AM CST Tuesday the stage was 15.2 feet. * Flood stage is 15.0 feet. * Minor flooding is occurring. * Recent Activity...The maximum river stage in the 24 hours ending at 8:00 AM CST Tuesday was 15.4 feet. * Forecast...No forecast is available for this location. * Impact...At 15.0 feet, There is a minor ice jam downstream of the Pemene Falls during the winter season.

Issued: 2/23/2021 - 9:48 AM CST
Expires: 2/24/2021 - 11:00 AM CST
Counties: Marinette, WI, Menominee, MI
ETN: 0001
Severity: Severe
Urgency: Severe
Certainty: Observed
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