Specific type of weather pattern
Lately our weather has been in a funk. In years past this has been a stormy period, but not in 2017. Strange timing like we've had since December. This week northwest flow continues with a cold upper low parked overhead. There have been several days with low grade/isolated or scattered showers and storms. It's a bit early for northwest flow setups, little juice and little worth mentioning. Naturally following a barrage like May 15-17 we will have a lame period, but this one feels especially long. I'm expecting lame weather to continue into the second week of June when I believe storminess will return. June and July is the heart of tornado season in Wisconsin, the storms will come.
SUNDAY - The peak of our stormy pattern will arrive this weekend coincident with a AO/-PNA spike. If April was a seminar, the Sunday storm would be the keynote speaker. Not to understate the impact of our current system; it's certainly been interesting. It appears the week leading up to a spike are more active than the week immediately following it. Next week northwest flow interrupts our active pattern bringing seasonably cool temperatures. Wisconsin has been on the cool side of the current system and should be on the cool side this weekend. The occlusion of the Sunday storm could block us out of meaningful t-storm threat. I was wondering if this signature system would bring a severe weather event to Wisconsin but just doesn't look like conditions are in place yet though that could still change.