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JUN 14, 2017 | Tornado Outbreak Eastern Wisconsin

Event Type
Tornado Outbreak
4 - Significant
Wed Jun 14, 2017

Event Summary

Tornado outbreak in east-central Wisconsin. 3500 SBCAPE developed across central/southern Wisconsin early in the day. A lake breeze boundary reinforced by early day outflow bent northwest across east-central Wisconsin. Shear was generally less than 40kt but storms rooted on the lake breeze boundary quickly developed rotation. The outbreak occurred as a line of storms approached from the southwest and ran into the lake breeze. Straightline wind damage was also common further west as the line formed. Relatively weak to very weak tornadoes.

Quick Facts

Regions: Northeast WI, Southeast WI
Last Update: November 2 - 8:14 AM

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Member Posts

This has been the busiest stretch of weather in my storm chasing career. The website is getting a workout in terms of data and ran into some with the report feed yesterday. Will fix that tonight. Figured out what the issue was with watches and I'll try to fix that too so we can turn email alerts back on. Weeks of work ahead for video and photography. 

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