Wisconsin Weather

NOV 25, 2018 | Winter Storm in far Southeast Wisconsin

Event Type
3 - Moderate
Sun Nov 25 - Mon Nov 26, 2018

Event Summary

Winter Storm will for southern Wisconsin Sunday into Monday. Precipitation will begin as a rain snow mix transitioning to all snow. 5-8" is expected across southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and Iowa. 8-12" is possible across northern Illinois and southern Iowa. 

Quick Facts

Regions: Southeast WI, Southwest WI
Last Update: November 27 - 7:19 AM

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Member Posts

Not the typical workflow on the website this weekend due to holidays and in between website updates. There some new things not on here yet I've been using. Little disorganized this time but not next time. 
Pushing an update early this week to fix some of those irritating issues that I couldn't do during the last storm. Going to create more separation between member-only and free too. Profile page is still slow as molasses for which I have an idea but might take some time to implement. Lets go!