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OCT 20, 2018 | Wind Driven Snow Squalls

Event Type
Snow Squalls
2 - Low
Sat Oct 20, 2018

Event Summary

Wind driven snow squalls with gusts to 40-50MPH as cold air moved through. Notable for the Wisconsin Badgers football game which experienced a clear dusting of snow in the first half. Many trees were still green. Weather was definitely a topic of discussion on this day. 1-3" of snow in northern Wisconsin.

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Last Update: November 2 - 7:58 AM

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Member Posts

Rapid fire updates this week. 7.52 pushed this morning improved the archives page, fixed google maps issues on chase map, tinkered with styling on post page, a few bug fixes. Want to push 7.53 tomorrow and 7.6 next week.
Woke up to a decent frost here in west-central Wisconsin this morning. Looks like more rain and wet snow this weekend.

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