Wisconsin Weather

MAY 16, 2017 | Chetek Tornado Day

Event Type
Tornado Outbreak
4 - Significant
Tue May 16 - Thu May 18, 2017

Event Summary

Main low ejects into Wisconsin. Tuesday activity still well ahead of the main low. Wednesday the main show. Chetek, WI tornado.

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Last Update: November 2 - 8:08 AM

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Member Posts

Tempting to chase today. Negatives include dew points in the upper 30's right in the same area where forecast models develop severe storms today/tonight! Boundary layer will moisten but I doubt it will be to the level of the RAP. Latest NAM suite is blah. Shortwave is coming through quicker than forecast which I usually prefer but almost too quick and doesn't allow boundary layer to destabilize. So think activity will be elevated or high based and after dark. In conclusion, leaning towards hanging at home and being opportunistic. More opportunities Tuesday and Wednesday that could be chased more effectively. 
Getting my chase on
Nice striated base on this non-severe storm near Foster, WI in southern Eau Claire Co. earlier...
Treating today as if it is a widespread event. With partial clearing occurring upstream plus dynamics involved, I foresee no reason things would derail. I'm betting that late afternoon early evening round is a QCLS with embedded supercell structures. The last system like this that I can remember had a tendency to congeal. Early afternoon structures will be more cellular
The Chetek tornado got a preliminary rating of EF2 today by the NWS.
Emergency officials advising not travel in Jackson County due to storm damage...

Had horizontal rain for five minutes and now blue skies