Wisconsin Weather

AUG 20, 2018 | 15.33" of Heavy Rain in Cross Plains, WI

Event Type
Heavy Rain
4 - Significant
Mon Aug 20 - Tue Aug 21, 2018

Event Summary

15.33" of rain in Cross Plains, WI on the night of Aug 20, 2018. This broke the previous Wisconsin 24 HR rainfall record of 11.72" in 1946. Record setting rainfall occurred across the western portions of Dane county. There were a number of reports of 10-13 inches from just north of Verona to Middleton to Cross Plains along US Highway 14. Reports from Cross Plains to Black Earth are that these areas are completely submerged. Large rescue effort ongoing to evacuate people to higher ground. 

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Last Update: October 25 - 10:21 AM

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Hunter Anderson and I chased a series of storms across eastern Illinois and western Indiana on Aug. 6th. This pic is one of the storms we intercepted near Otterbein, Indiana. (Photo taken by Hunter Anderson.)
Website update coming this week. Excited to share some of the new stuff.