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FEB 24, 2017 | Gile, WI Foot of Snow

Event Type
3 - Moderate
Thu Feb 23 - Sat Feb 25, 2017

Event Summary

Southern trend in last 48 hours before event.

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Last Update: February 23 2017

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Member Posts

Sunlit virga at sunset a few minutes ago!
Interesting discovery on the 06Z GFS for central Wisconsin between midnight and 6AM tomorrow morning. Very strong spike in forcing through the snow growth zone. The result is 3"/hr snowfall rates resulting in 6" of accumulation by day break. THIS IS PROBABLY NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. No other site but KOSH showed this but I wonder what the GFS trying to tell us? I think t-storms moving in from the south, abruptly changing to frozen precipitation over central or southern Wisconsin. The interface between t-storms in the south, snow north, and tanking surface temps; could get real messy early Friday morning. 
Warning and watch situation over Wisconsin not aligned well this morning. Recent southward shift in storm track has introduced some uncertainty and nearly-last minute redo's. This will get cleaned up today.
Interesting how surface temperatures are already in the lower 30's where precipitation is falling across southern Wisconsin(east of Madison). 
Could have had t-storms but ma nature wanted snow!

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