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MAY 3, 2018 | 4.8" in Richland Center - Heavy Rain

Event Type
Heavy Rain
2 - Low
Thu May 3 - Fri May 4, 2018

Event Summary

Heavy rain of 1-3" for southern/central Wisconsin tonight. Severe weather threat did not evolve in Iowa. The heaviest rains fell from Richland Center to Chilton, WI. Here are some of the highest overnight rain totals so far (see below).

4.80" Richland Center
3.74" Lone Rock
2.99" Desoto
2.90" Chilton
2.76" Readstown

Quick Facts

Regions: Western WI, Northeast WI, Southeast WI, Southwest WI
Last Update: May 3

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Member Posts

In case you were wondering how cold it was in April relative to average.
Turned off warning email updates again because we are still dealing with several issues.

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