Wisconsin Weather

FEB 24, 2018 | Weekend Winter Storm

Event Type
Winter Storm
3 - Moderate
Sat Feb 24 - Sun Feb 25, 2018

Event Summary

6-9" of snow northwest Sat PM to Sun AM. Light icing central and 0.25-0.75" of rain south and east.

Quick Facts

Last Update: February 24

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Member Posts

Very happy with the snow forecast last night. 7" amounts were mentioned for snow belt. Barely missed in Eau Claire but could not have predicted that. Freezing rain was generally correct, on the lower end of the expected range. Still snowing in the UP of Michigan.
Forecast prepared for Saturday night but need to wait until 12Z model run complete to publish. Too much disagreement between models this morning mostly in terms of location. The strength differences we can deal with.
SNOW DEPTH - 14-25" of snow on the ground in northern Wisconsin. You will add to that snow-pack this weekend with the third winter storm in the last seven days. Meanwhile southern Wisconsin has forgotten what snow looks like.
Winter Storm Warning issued. Better early than never I guess! Storm arrives after 6PM Saturday night.
Watching a winter storm for Mar 1-2 that looks to impact either central or southern Wisconsin. Plenty of uncertainty.