Wisconsin Weather

JAN 1, 2018 | Extreme Cold

Event Type
3 - Moderate
Wed Dec 27 - Sun Jan 7, 2018

Event Summary

Brutal harsh cold for the holidays

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Last Update: December 27 2017

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Member Posts

Launched multiple updates this week with another ready for next week. Having intermittent issues with Google maps and geolocation, mainly on first load on the community page. I have bigger plans to change this page and process so we'll wait until the time is right. Researched teleconnections and historical data yesterday which has caused me to rethink plans. So at a natural break that I'm taking advantage of. Will see where my motivation is after new years. Been itching to post member only content too but not in a writing mood. A little frustrated with current weather pattern that's been cold and dry, so studying historical events such as feb 2 2011.