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MAR 23, 2011 | March Snowstorm - Broadcast Tower Collapse

Event Type
4 - Major
Tue Mar 22 - Wed Mar 23, 2011

Event Summary

This late season winter storm resulted from a strong area of low pressure interacting with a cold air mass in place across the upper Midwest. Moderate to heavy snow fell late the 22nd, continuing into much of the day on the 23rd, bringing 5-10” of snow to the Northern half of the state. Thunderstorms developing in Iowa moved Northeast into colder air, resulting in locally heavy snow with numerous reports of thunder and lightning. This resulted in higher totals across Northeast parts of the state where 12-18 inches fell. Sleet and freezing rain mixed in for central parts of the state with some heavy ice accumulations. Gusty Easterly winds produced near blizzard conditions for Northeast parts of the state and also helped to bring down a 2,000 foot media broadcast tower near Eau Claire in combination with heavy ice accumulations. Green Bay recorded a two day storm total of 17.8 inches, the biggest snowstorm in over 120 years and the 3rd largest recorded snowstorm. In fact, this has resulted in the first winter Green Bay has had 3 major snowstorms producing 10 inches or more of accumulation!

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Last Update: March 22 2011

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