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JAN 22, 2018 | Wisconsin Snow Storm - 14" in Prescott

Event Type
3 - Moderate
Fri Jan 19 - Tue Jan 23, 2018

Event Summary

14.1" Prescott, 13.5" Philips, WI, 12.5" Glen Flora, 12.0" Sumerset, 9" Paddock Lake(SE)! 4-9" fell overnight in the far southeast which was more than many places in the north! Not much snow for central Wisconsin. 6-13" of heavy snow Monday 1/22/2018 into Tuesday AM 1/23/2018 across northern Wisconsin as a strong low pressure system moved through. Locally higher amounts were expected. In central Wisconsin a mix of rain, snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Southern Wisconsin saw mostly rain on Monday including thunderstorms with small pea sized hail Monday night. By Monday night rain swtiched to heavy snow in southeast Wisconsin resulting in 4-9" in a short period of time.

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Last Update: January 19 2018

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