Pushed a few fixes live tonight. I’m bringing back the SMS/TXT MSG service for free! It's not quite ready yet. I reset everybody's phoneNumComfirmed flag to 0 so that no messages will get sent unless you opt-in again. Will let you know how to do that later. I loved that service and I'm excited for it's return. Another motivation is to add service for scheduled send of 7 Day Forecasts, let's say every SUN PM for the week ahead so it just hits my phone and I don't have to go searching for it. I'm still working through sms integration with the provider and will let you know when it's ready. One last thing; I'm itching to bring back free memberships and that should happen on the next update. Take care guys!
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Great work Justin! I was just asking about SMS/TXT Message service; so that’s exciting!  Always good to see you develop and go live with improvements. Almost like old times! Thanks!
RGSODR | Oct 29, 2021
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Thank you!
Justin Poublon | Oct 29, 2021


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