SUNDAY - I'm not real thrilled and looking to avoid the overreaction. If we can get a couple cells to pop and move over northern or central Wisconsin, they will be capable of hail. Lots of hail. Inches of hail accumulation under tstorms. Possibly severe hail larger than 1" as well. Depending on timing and location which I think will be mostly after dark and north; these storms will be elevated with the nearly the entire updraft above the freezing level. That itself is quite interesting and might get me into northern Wisconsin. Central WI has a tendency to warm fast and cool fast. So theoretically if you can get cells to pop in the afternoon along the WF, those could be surface based then quickly go elevated at sunset. I wouldn't count on it. Will throw in the damaging wind on future forecasts to be safe, I'm not entirely sure this will materialize. The analogs I looked at today were dominated by hail reports so will focus on that. Will be watching. 



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