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Wisconsin Weather The First To Charge Monthly Fee For Weather Service

A huge opportunity is upon us. The next chapter in the history of Wisconsin Weather entire history of weather! The day has finally come to share our new membership fee with you!

How much is it?

The monthly fee is $4.99. When you sign up; each month the fee will be taken automatically from your PayPal account.

I have no plans to increase the membership cost 2 or 4 or 8 years plus. At $4.99, you're locked in. If we want to charge you more someday; we will offer more value via more services through different membership types.

Taxes, transaction fees, etc all included. We won't slap you with hidden fees, tricks, or traps. No strings attached.

You can cancel at anytime and unsubscribe during the off months. I recognize you may not need it all year long and have specific needs(winter vs. summer). Other places might try to force you in for a full year. I believe if our service is good enough you'll stick around year round.

We are putting ourselves in position to earn your business through hard work, honesty, and value. Not looking for easy wins.

It took a very long time to decide on the fee amount of $4.99. I was as high as 7.99 and as low as 2.99. Ultimately; with nothing else to compare to. I don't know. This number feels the best like a balancing point between high and low. But honestly it was arbitrary and that was one of the hardest things.

What do you get?

Here is the member services list as of today. This hasn't changed from when membership was free. But we will be adding on as we go.

List of member benefits as of 9/6/2019. These have not changed.
List of member benefits as of 9/6/2019. These have not changed.

How does membership work?

Members are given special access to our website and able to tap into our alert systems.

Existing Members

All of our existing members as of 9/6/2019 were given 6 months free. No action required until Mar 1, 2020. I wanted to do something more for everyone who has helped us get to where we are today. Many of you have personally advocated for us and our services! I can't thank you enough! Existing members can still upgrade now and don't necessarily have to wait until March. But if I were you; I'd definitely take the free trial. :)

Why is a membership fee needed?

There are several reasons; the biggest is that I realized that weather is my passion and calling. I'm trying to find the best way to bring my unique talents and skills to you. I want to build something bigger and realize my dreams. These opportunities haven't opened up for me via traditional paths (TV, NWS, etc). I have to blaze my own trail and develop better models. I don't think of the membership fee in terms of need right now. It's better described as the next step in a natural progression.

Step #1: Work for free and build your skills.

Step #2. Develop services and charge a fee.

Step #3. Scale it up and get more people involved.

Progression and change is a sign of life. We need to do everything except stay the same. At the same time if I don't follow this progression; I risk getting consumed by life. The right time is now.

Operating costs have always been very low and I was always willing to cover it, no problem. This was never a reason as I developed these services the last several years. Not a motivation. Coincidentally, just recently we've been forced to make upgrades incurring vastly more cost. Perfect timing. Really is a legitimate need now. It seems fate would be forcing our hand here.

In a world dominated by "free weather information" we are making a bold move. There is no such thing as free weather; you're already paying for it through taxes (NWS), cable bill (TV), or/AND advertising/experience (ALL). What you get with Wisconsinwx.com is a better experience, fresh perspective, and personalization. It's the argument of "Why pay for Netflix when you can get free movies on TV/antenna" (in between episodes of Little House on the Prairie)? Experience, convenience, customer service, and personalization. Plus a few other intangibles.

What does this mean for Wisconsin Weather on Facebook?

The experience will not change much. The value will stay the same; eventually getting better as we have more time. This also applies to our rapidly growing facebook group, Wisconsin Weather Nation.

New Chapter. New Goals. New Challenges. New Opportunities

We are closing the book on a really long and amazing chapter! I'm pretty exhausted from the grind but will be ready to roll next week. What lies ahead is somewhat uncertain but I prefer it that way. It makes the future interesting and worth working towards. Our goals going forward are simply this:

Goal #1 - Make enough money to cover current operating cost. (0-3mo)

Goal #2 - As more members join; put the proceeds right back into Wisconsin Weather & wisconsinwx.com. Buy software and equipment to increase growth.(3-6 mo)

Goal 3# - Full time employment and increase team size. (6 mo - 3 yrs)

I feel like you never know until you know. We're making a huge statement here. So let's give it a shot and hope for the best! Thanks for reading!



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