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Wisconsin Weather Hits Major Milestone

By Justin Poublon
March 20, 2019 - 10:44 AM CST | 61  1   0

I swear we reached our previous milestone just days ago!

Growing Fast!

On March 7, 2019 we reached 40,000 likes on Facebook! As of Mar 20, 2019 the number stands at 41,290! Wow. How awesome is that!!

Our previous milestone of 20K was reached January 1, 2019 (400 website members, 250 wwn members). The next milestone was 30K but we blew right past it. With help from a stretch of extreme weather; in less than one month we jumped from 20K to 36,000! Our biggest one day increase was 4,000 on January 26.

Over the last three months our website membership has more than doubled from 400 to 850. Our active email list is 715! Our new group Wisconsin Weather Nation is growing the fastest jumping from 250 to 750. We are growing on every platform including YouTube. Our strategy for the 2018-19 winter was growth and I feel like we accomplished that goal. It started with understanding what you needed working harder than everybody else to get it to you. Period. Nobody will work harder for you than us, ever.

I also believe we gave you the best experience. We are your neighbors but we have real knowledge and real experience providing accurate information. This is our way of life. We do it because it's our passion and calling. We are genuine and do things in a way that develops trust. Most importantly we are able to differentiate ourselves from the rest. We are independently strong but still have many things to learn which certainly means our best days are ahead of us.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting our passion for storm chasing and weather!! Our goal is to provide you with the best weather experience in the world. Beyond that I want to inspire everyone to pursue your dreams and passion. Tomorrow never guaranteed. Life is now. Go live it! Do what you love! Be fearless! We are just getting started on this journey and hope to see you at the next milestone!

Reaching for our Dreams

We are in a quiet transition period between an extreme January-March and the Wisconsin storm season. I am exhausted even after several days away and I need to stay away as mother nature allows. We use this time to give back to other aspects of our lives, cure the burn out, and prepare for success in the months ahead. I expect our growth to slow down or even stop in the next month or two. All part of the plan to put us in a poised position ahead of long term success.

Wisconsin Storm Chasing. It's what we've done the longest and enjoy the most but haven't found consistent success. In the past we did whatever we felt like and didn't care if you liked it or not. In 2019 we have to chase storms in a way that serves the people of Wisconsin. Failure is no longer an option. We will keep trying new things until we find success. We cannot assume storm season will go the exact same way as winter.

I know what storm chasing success looks like. I envision it every day. I think about it constantly. If we can figure this out turning it into reality it will be a life changing experience for everyone involved!

Thanks for reading!

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