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Wisconsin Storm - 25" in Door County

Snow map from 7AM Tues 1/16 before higher totals reported in Door county.

Major lake effect snows produced an outrageous 25" of snow on the northeastern tip of Door county during our latest storm! This was the biggest snow for Door county since December 29, 2015 and most snow reported in our records going back to 2008. The heavy snow totals were due to a heavy lake effect snow band that pivoted over the peninsula. Heavy snow was reported all the way to Cedar Grove, WI. 25" near Baileys Harbor, 21" in Ephraim, 19" Ellison Bay, 14" Sheboygan.

Radar from 1:30 AM on Monday 1/15/2018

Elsewhere across the state, southern Wisconsin observed 4-7" of snow with snow-to-liquid ratios of 20:1 to 30:1. The forecast bust occurred in north-central Wisconsin where only about 1-3" was observed. More lake effect occurred along the southern shore of Lake Superior in far northwest Wisconsin. This was a long duration event. Our forecast called for 6-10" along lake Michigan and that forecast quickly went out the window, as can happen with lake effect snow events.

Here are the highest snow totals:

Lake effect snow can get outta hand fast!

You can see all the reports, warnings, stories, and commentary from the this storm by visiting this link.

Here is a link to the 48HR GIF loop!



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