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Website Outage Continues

UPDATE 9:40AM MON, APR 29 - WISCONSINWX.COM will be down until Wednesday. I've turned some things back on so we can keep the Facebook page going but PLEASE do not try to login or register on the website. We've lost all forecast and member data back to late Feb due to a bad experience with our web host (not our fault). I have a huge recovery project which involves redoing or reverting some sub-projects or adding new systems to prevent this from happening again. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Definitely not the news I was planning to share. Lesson learned. Just a bump in the road. We will be back stronger than ever!

UPDATE 9:45PM SAT , APR 27 - website is still down as a precaution. Yes you have access to everything and it looks okay but it isn't. I will let everyone know when we are back 100%. Here are the details of the outage:

I've decided to turn our automated processes back on. I've turned off alerts and blog email services. Our database has been reverted to Feb 25 which means data loss including account changes is possible between Feb 25 and Apr 22. I expect data to be fully restored but there is a chance it won't. I was expecting a short term outage but now I am working out a long term strategy. We have the luxury of time and waiting it out without drawing any attention might be the way to go. I'll let you know what the plan is.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Please be patient. Working, thinking, and waiting on this constantly. Even with the best outcome there are great lessons to be learned. Systems will fail and multiple backups should be the norm. We were very fortunate to have this happen now as opposed to later as we step prepare to step into a new chapter in wiwx history.

WED, Apr 24

WISCONSINWX.com is down at the moment due to a web host outage. We will be back soon!

At 4:45AM Tuesday I noticed our database became totally inaccessible without warning. I contacted the host to learn there was an outage. It wasn't just us. The outage was caused by a Malware cyber attack across all shared servers and WIWX was directly effected. No data was taken or stolen. The host is now restoring from back ups. Our website is alive but the database is two months old. Eeesh.

All a web host does is store the data to run our website from. It is separate from the logic, structure, and development of WISCONSINWX.com. There isn't much we can do right now except wait for the database to be restored. We've turned off all automated processes. Please do not attempt to interact with our website or make any account changes until I post an all clear because changes will be overwritten.

Our estimated Time of Return (ETR) is by this weekend. I believe our database will be fully restored through 4/22/2019. Any activity after that will be lost.

Please check our Facebook page for the latest! Sorry for the inconvenience! It sucks with a storm system coming in for the weekend.



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