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WIWX - Server Upgrade in Progress! Thank You Members!

A LITTLE HISTORY - We moved to a VPS server from a shared hosting environment in August and I've had a blast setting things up. Having control over every aspect of the server setup was a great challenge. I learned quickly that the 3GB of ram was not enough for everything we wanted to do. I had to pull back on some of the processing going on around the clock to improve performance. This optimization was a good thing and should be perfect for when we move to this new server shortly.

THE NEW SERVER/IMPROVEMENTS - We are upgrading to a SSD 6GB RAM server. If you have an SSD in your computer you know the speed boost vs. HDD. We needed to be faster, but also needed more RAM headroom. We got both. We could always use more RAM but I'm happy with this setup. The new website server will be BLAZING fast. Not only will wisconsinwx.com be the highest quality, largest weather website around...now it will be the FASTEST too!

My expectations following the upgrade (just to name a few):

  • MUCH QUICKER page loading
  • Far fewer error pages
  • Much faster interactions(liking, commenting) with the website
  • HOPEFULLY more complete email sends. SOMETIMES our exclusive stories only reach 300 of our 760 members. The cause seemed to be cancellation of worker processes due to RAM constraints but I'm not 100% sure. 300 is OK and probably closer to what our membership numbers will be after Mar 1, 2020; but right now still broken and not acceptable.

NOTE - One thing to recognize - and I want to be fully transparent & honest with you - is this website is not really INTENDED for 1000+ members right now. The $5/mo means we will have fewer members; but you will be high quality members, this will mean something to you, in one way or another it will be worth it to you, and you see the magnitude of what's going on here. This makes the communication between us more manageable, intimate, and meaningful. More 1 on 1's. So while our services are available and built for everyone (individuals & companies), it's more likely that we'll have a small membership size. That's perfect!

WHEN - Work is starting right now and needs to be done before EOD tomorrow. Ideally I would wait until next week but I want this now. So I can start on a brand new project first thing Monday. I'm still torn between weekly forecasts, SMS storm updates, or storm report achievements. All will come in time. I feel a strong pull to be doing more forecasts now such as filling out the member forecast and doing more exclusive stories.

WHAT TO EXPECT THROUGH EOD FRIDAY - Expect SOME downtime with the next 48 hours. I'm going to block new registrations and account changes when I transfer the database. If you can help it; please limit interactions with the website until the weekend.

THANK YOU - I want to thank all of our new and existing members for making this happen! This upgrade is paid for by you! It allows us to expand and achieve the best experience possible. We are still about 4 paid members away from covering the total cost of running the website and we'll get there soon. After that things are going to get really interesting. I'm SO SO SO thankful and grateful for all of you! I know I can do more for you and I will; let's get through this server migration first.

Thank you! Talk to you soon!



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