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WIWX 8.01 - Membership Project and Bug Fixes

An extremely busy personal life continues to limit my free time. Only a temporary problem that will be fixed soon. Mother nature has been cooperative but that will not last. Need to get business taken care of right now.

Membership Project

Big news regarding memberships coming around June 1, 2019. Two months into this project. It's actually been operational since early May (WIWX 8.0). I've pushed back launch date multiple times for the right moment and in waiting found ways to improve. I want to be triple sure there are no bugs. It needs to work perfectly out of the box as opposed to the trial and error approach I typically use. Keeping the details vague until the official announcement.

List of Bug Fixes

  • Member forecast page layout improved. Expect more improvements in the future.

  • Added email unsubscribe controls so users can select which specific email services they want to unsubscribe from.

  • Community page was added back to the account tab. Removed by accident on previous update.

  • Chase map graphics for Driftless and Mississippi river sectors redeployed.

  • Fixed error with special characters in the titles of storm events and blogs.

  • Interactive chase map fixed mutliple bugs such as watches not displaying. Expect more improvements in June. Still working out a time conversion issue.

  • Fixed issue with embedded content on blog posts.

  • Fixed admin storm outlook creator where "t-storm" forecast type not linking with processing logic, also automatic shortening of thunderstorm to t-storm in legend title.

  • Fixed site nav link directly to Account->General tab

  • 5 and 7 day forecasts graphics background now a little darker. Busy backgrounds were hard on the eyes.

  • Fixed issue with member forecast attached blog posts causing crash of member forecast and outlook pages.

  • Fixed regional radar only map showing warnings

  • Fixed admin storm event creator layout, added SE Iowa region to WIWX alerts.

  • Added error handling to warning feed for troubleshooting some warnings not reaching database to make fix on future updates.

  • Added author thumbnail back into post page infobar for stories

  • Fixed issue with page title on account page

Stay tuned for details on the membership project!



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