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WIWX 7.6 - Detailed Storm Events

The slow weather pattern has been great for our website! We are in a great position for the winter season and ready to roll.

Last week we summarized our rapid fire updates in 7.5 here. With update 7.6 we have introduced a detailed storm event history page. We had weather enthusiasts in mind while developing this and I'm excited for depth of information you can find on our website.

Storm Events

To find a storm event, click here. You will be taken to a list of storms we've compiled. We keep track of storm event by date, impact/significance,and primary hazard/type. We give the storm a name and description. It's essentially an observation that a weather event has occurred. Impact/significance is arbitrary but I base it on total statewide impact or historical context.

Wisconsin Weather
Storm event page for the weekend storm.

Anything that happens between the start and end of the event on our website is pulled together on the storm page. Here is an example from the storm last weekend.

This includes links to forecast outlooks, blog posts, attached images plus caption, and maps. Storm reports are displayed on a google map and on their own tables below. I will use storm events as a forecasting and learning tool, though it is pretty interesting to thumb back and forth.

Wisconsin Weather
Archive map display for Nov 3, 2018. Nov 4 is underneath.

On the right side(or down below for mobile) you find a list of similar events in terms of time-frame, impact, and type. I am still making tweaks to the algorithm.

Wisconsin Weather
Stars on the right are impact. 1 - Low, 2- Major, 3 - Historic.

We will start back-filling historical data to include pre-2010 events. We will need to backfill storm report data.

Other Bug Fixes and Changes

  • We can now delete members with one click. Don't worry. Our updated terms page will show that you are safe unless you post content to the website that is totally unrelated to weather.

  • Made our forecast map viewer accessible to members. You can get to it here. Includes basic maps such as high temps, low temps, windchill, precip probability, etc.

  • Added filter to storm events page. Use the filter section to constrain your search. There are two viewing methods; thumbnail or list. I like both.

  • Historical observation site locations can now be geolocated in google maps by clicking a link on the forecast page.

  • When clicking the register button or link and already a member, you will no longer be automatically redirected. Instead you will see a member welcome banner (with links to account or profile) with member perks listed below.

  • Fixed issue where the website would become over-cumbered with database requests and crash. Loading the profile page may still take awhile but it shouldn't crash anymore. Occasionally it does crash during db updates or high traffic situations.

  • You can browse back through out outlooks and see images that are attached, along with a short description. Forecaster notes will remain admin only for now.

  • Did preliminary improvements on the warning feed and associated database. Now it's just a matter of getting the data onto the website.

  • Disabled chase map products for the winter. Will bring back in spring.


Work starts on the warning system which will improve upon the old system while introducing new features & products.



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