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WIWX 4.6 - Bug Fixes

Suprise! Another unexpected update to WISCONSINWX.COM. This update includes mostly easy bug fixes, balancing, and small projects I wanted to squeeze in.


  • Fixed commenting on a profile page resulted in a broken redirect

  • Fixed bug with report composer

  • Fixed bug where filter was causing issues when selecting a new page on feed

  • We now exclude profile comments from the feed. Felt creepy before.

  • Welcomes now share the active username as opposed to member first name. Also felt creepy.

  • Auto-refresh function on feed page updates every 1 minute. Check the box to engage, will generate alert if you are composing a post or report when refresh fires.

  • Fixed uploading new profile thumbnail not showing changes

  • Now button on the report composer (feed page)

  • Geolocation sensitivity increased on composer, stopped including street name. Was too creepy.

  • Added more lakes and roads to maps! Added shadow to warning polygons to help them stand out. Don't want to clutter it up too much and might roll back things if needed.

  • Better optimized GIFs and provided a link to the 24hr loop on the forecast page. Refresh every day at ~8AM. CORRECTION refresh happens every hour for now.

  • Hopefully fixed a few perpetual errors on data feeds, if not will try again on next update. There are good and bad days

  • Fixed bug with report magnitude = none

  • Styling improvements

  • SEO improvements

  • Other behind the scenes stuff, database improvements.

No more surprises. 5.0 arrives in May.



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