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So much has changed in the last few days. Why you never hear from me and why that is about to change...

PERFORMANCE BOOST - wisconsinwx.com is now on a dedicated server. I migrated the database back in too and now seeing a nice performance boost. The web host told us either upgrade or die; so we upgraded at higher cost because WIWX will never die! We are in a GREAT position to GROW. WIWX is here to stay! We've been dealing with website challenges for a long time and it just sucks the time away. I think we are done with that now.

CATCHING UP ON VLOG'S - Was in a 2017-esque backlog for storm chasing vlogs. Still have two-ish more left to go. Getting back to square one is the goal. I will do more of this in the future.


New house ✅ New baby ✅ Cure burnout ✅

Burnout from running in the wrong direction/bad environment can tear you down, suck the energy out, and put you in a state of chronic negativity. I've had to rebuild more than the website. You can lose yourself. Learn to say no. Listen to you're heart. Let the universe take control. Get ahold of your dreams and don't let go.

GET READY - "Get to work", that's the feeling in my bones. Getting caught up on projects and rehashing old events gives the illusion of stagnation. Progress happens when we focus on the now and we are DAYS away. The fire is back. Ready to go on the war path. This summer day dream will turn into a fall fist-fight. We are heading into uncharted waters. I will have to go to war for you. Sparks are about to fly.



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