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Update 4.3 - Reports

Today we've taken one large step into the future of WISCONSINWX.COM. Update 4.3 unleashes only some of the power of our new website. I view this update as a reinforcement of preexisting functionality within the website. I'm so excited about what this means for the future! Here are the highlights:


We are committed to privacy and I believe this means developing two modes of use. Privacy mode is intended for those who want to keep it personal. If you want to track your weather relative to yourself and not interested in sharing, use privacy mode. Users not in privacy mode intend to share their weather with others. This will be a theme across all future implementation. You can change your privacy setting at anytime but please note this will impact your activity going forward. Private content will appear with a lock symbol next to it. Only you and website admins will see your private content. We will have a method for editing and switching privacy for each post in the next update.


We improved notifications in tandem with composer upgrades. This is a preexisting system that simply wasn't working before and we built on it. We don't want to pester you with BS, but want to make sure you are aware of any activity associated with your account.


We've implemented a storm report system. Please do not assume your report will make it to the NWS, because it won't. We do not communicate with the national weather service on your behalf. In the future we would LOVE to feed the NWS with our storm reports but today, the reports future is mostly for you and the users of this website. You'll LOVE what we do with these in the future. Our Feed page limits reports to the most recent 100 reports; this will change on as usage or needs change.


We've added functionality to allow video uploads to our website. File sizes must be less than 2GB and less than 40 minutes in duration. Video uploads are intended to be short in duration. (1-2min). We can quickly process your video and broadcast on our website, and notify you as well! This is one of those basic features that any modern weather website should have. Additionally you can now share Youtube videos by embedding links in all composer sections.


In a past life when uploading a picture we would gather your location information and display your picture on Google maps. Today it's the same concept the only difference being our current lack of visualization. This might feel unnecessary now but we have a plan to display this information in the future.


Many errors associated with feeds and code-behind that you won't see. The majority of time was spent between the feed, profile, and post pages. We want to eliminate all errors associated with the core functions of the website. Future updates will expand out instead of up; in other words our immediate plans are geared towards new services and tools.

The next update however will improve the registration experience.



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