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The Wolf Pack - Part 2

Nov 9 2018 4:26 PM CST| 2 Comments | Wisconsin | Storm Chasing

When I first got into storm chasing I dreamed I could contribute at a higher level to NWS, TV media, and community. Beyond storm spotting. Get out there, track the storm, trade information. Symbiotic relationship. Contribute to something bigger. Cool.

My attempts to do this were mostly ignored.

I was used. Driven into the ground. Disrespected. Talked down to. Sure I wasn't ready for some things. Other things it was like dude, I'm right here let me help you. Humility was never my issue. I'm pretty careful about over-confidence and egos. I was treated like a punk nobody.

Eventually I just got the cold shoulder and had to start from scratch. I've being scratching and clawing ever since. If you think you can relate, let me know.

I know there is a long way to go on my legacy ploy but I think about it constantly. In hindsight my struggles have molded me today. I want to build a system that outlasts me. To do it I need more help. I spend a lot of time wondering: would I be able to reach 19 yo me? Could I even find me? Could I give me the opportunity I deserved?

It's come full circle

and instead of driving 19yr me into the ground, how do we get JP from 9 years ago the tools he needs to thrive? Thrive...not spend 9 years reinventing the wheel. And not just JP, JP++ and everyone like him who feels the same? Get them ALL the opportunity they deserve? What needs to be done to make that happen? That is the REAL question.

I believe we can. It's just a matter of organization. Setting a good foundation. If you can relate, trust me. Soon. I'm working on it.

I've learned that our individual purpose is connected to passion and along the way we get mislead or have to take a break but we always come back to the same thing. It's what we're here to do. When you identify someone who is very passionate like this and demonstrates the capability to do it; INCLUDE them! MAKE SPACE FOR THEM. Give them tools.

Don't ignore, use, or disparage them. Do more for them than leaving them to struggle. Let them know you care. Take leadership. Mold and guide them. Give them opportunities and direction. If you don't lead when you are the leader, I PROMISE YOU it will be your downfall.

In conclusion, I've said it before; the weather community NEEDS TO GET ORGANIZED not because it's a problem but AN OPPORTUNITY. Work together. All in the same boat working towards the same thing.

Get on that mindset, stop with the ego crap. The sooner we figure out how to work together, the sooner we'll be able to carve out our own special place in the weather world.

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