Wisconsin Weather

The Wolf Pack

Talented, passionate weather enthusiast's brave it all for just a few moment's with the most extreme weather on the planet. They don't think twice about spending most of their day in a car or driving from one state to another and back, just for a good storm. They thinking nothing of driving through baseball sized hail, hurricane force winds, blinding sheets of rain , and deadly lightning; just for a glimpse of the "clouds" that may lie on the other side.Yet they are reluctant to call themselves storm chasers for fear of how the public might perceive them.

Consider this a battle cry for storm chasers to stick up for themselves and be proud of what they believe in! You don't have to explain yourself. Don't be afraid to be passionate, genuine, and honest about chasing storms! Find others who share your passion and join together. For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.



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