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Thank you!

The time has come.

Back in September/August when we started paid memberships, I gave all existing members a six month free trial. We currently have 1000 member accounts, 760 active. By Monday sadly I know that active number will be far fewer. :(

The free trial ends on this Sunday March 1st, 2020. I've debated extending the trial with the slow/painful winter we've had. Ultimately I feel I owe it to my family. I need answers. I need to know where this is going.


If you are on the trial or not sure, you can check your status or start payments here. Membership costs $4.99 per month (a yearly option is being considered but not currently available). You can check out the details of the membership here. If you already have an account, there is no need to create a new one. Just log in here and go through the payment process. :)

If you decide not to continue membership or hold off for now, that's okay! Here's what will happen to your account.

  1. Your membership will become inactive. You will no longer receive email or text notifications or get access to member only content.
  2. You will still be able to access your account.
  3. I'm undecided how long I will keep inactive accounts but they probably won't last forever.
  4. Any account that is deleted, there are no strings attached. All user account information is removed.

If you are a paid member, nothing will change.


If you decide this is the end of the road, thank you for everything you've done for me! This doesn't have to be goodbye! I hope to see all of you around here, on Facebook, YouTube, and in our future projects. None of this would have been possible without everyone of you and I am forever grateful for the opportunity you've given me!

Thank you! Talk to you soon!



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