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September Newsletter - WIWX 7.4 released

Happy almost October!

Not much new in this website update. Mostly small changes with no big projects on this update.

Daily Planner Graphic

Wisconsin Weather
Daily planner graphic on the forecast page.

Like many of our graphics I mashed several things into one. Precipitation type bars (green = rain, snow =blue, etc) that scale with percent chance. I'm not 100% sold on the layout yet. Already investigating why this graphic is not displaying for "some" locations. Looking forward to sharing these!

Outlooks for Members Only

Wisconsin Weather

Major change here. Outlooks take plenty of time/effort. I also wanted to add more value to being a member. Day 1 will always be freely accessible and usually that's the graphic that gets shared in summer. Anything 2+ days is now member only. Also now displaying the outlook range out to Day 4. There were many improvements on the admin side that you won't see. There was a big problem with outlook maps showing incorrect labels that was fixed.

Wisconsin Weather Store

Wisconsin Weather
Classic T-shirt from teespring.com.

We found someone who will print shirts and merch for us! Our teespring.com webstore is now open! This is one way to support our page. I need to buy some stuff myself. Will see how this works and possibly add more things in the future.

Two New State Sized Map Sectors

Wisconsin Weather
Mississippi River sector peaking into southern Minnesota.

Driftless and Mississippi River. Mississippi River region is centered on western Wisconsin, southern Minnesota, and northeast Iowa. Driftless is centered on southwest Wisconsin, eastern Iowa, and northern Illinois. Available in classic and chase map formats only. The chase maps are available in a 3hr GIF loop created hourly and 24hr loop created each morning.

New vs. Active Member Counts

Small change on the home page, instead of showing welcome messages for our new subscribers I came up with an alternative. Expect further changes to the home page in future updates which includes putting storm reports on their own page.

Storm Reports

Wisconsin Weather
2018 severe storm reports

Added two maps; 24hr storm reports and calendar year total severe storm reports. The 24hr reports map gets saved in the archive for a future project. I made storm report dots easier to read. Tornadoes are now marked with a "T" to separate from funnel cloud reports.

Other Changes

  • Noticed that some of our blog email updates were hitting the spam folder. Made some adjustments to help with that. Just a heads up if you haven't heard from us in awhile, that might be why.

  • Links to more historical data added on forecast pages, including a winter year summary. Winter years start/end on July 1.

  • Starting to bring back cold season graphics such as snow accumulation, wind chill. Dew point and heat index maps have been turned off.

  • FAQ's are becoming more common around the website.
  • Cleaned up numerous bugs and errors across the entire website.
  • Added numerous small things not worth mentioning.
  • FYI Interactive chase map has a new link in case you had it bookmarked like me. Finally added the Day 1 outlook. Warnings still not working correctly when clicked.


Will start work on the warning system in October. This will be much improved when finished. Will also be able to turn email alerts back on.



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