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Quiet Times

In the internet/social media world of today you should be posting something every minute of every day. If you don't you are going to quickly fade away. Lose momentum. That's what most believe anyway. And the social media algorithms bare that out. This is why there are strong pressures to "post" information multiple times per day. Blast away!

Weather is a daily thing and it's always happening. Your need for information is tied to your sensitivity to weather. If your job requires you to stand outside all day long, you probably want to know what the temperature is going to be today. Wisconsin Weather forecasts at a lower resolution on a state-wide scale; most people in Milwaukee do not care about the high temperature of 50F in Duluth. But they will care about a massive blizzard somewhere in between.

Harmony vs. Psychotic Fit

This set of quotes from a Twister(1996) movie trailer couldn't be any more accurate.

"As the seasons change, mother nature moves within itself. It's colossal power and it's delicate beauty. In perfect harmony. Perfectly cosmically sane."

"Though periodically mother nature will, in a kind of psychotic fit; go completely randomly mad."

Right now we are in perfect harmony. Rest assured the psychotic fit is not too far away.

Taking Advantage of the Quiet Times

So what do we do when weather is quiet? Most weather sources will continue blasting away multiple times per day.

Morning update: Sunny and 70F today.

Afternoon Update: Hey look, it's sunny and 70F!

Evening Update: It was sunny and 70F today!

Sorry. Not my style.

I'd rather say nothing. My goal is to maximize the effectiveness of every statement. I usually won't talk for the sake of talking. This is one reason our facebook page grows slower than the average. Just not social like that. I don't care about hype and attention; I only care about the effectiveness of the message.

Our focus is when mother nature goes "completely randomly mad". Big weather events. Because these are the times worth speaking up for. The message needs to be clear.

In years past we would see quick moving storms, here today gone tomorrow. This year stormy patterns have lasted longer, sometimes multiple weeks. When we get into a stormy stretch I never detach. I need to be on my toes day after day. At times I'll think "Man, I could really use a break." There's a lot that needs to be done. Facebook posts, blog posts, storm events, outlook maps. Website development aspect never ends either.

Slow weather can be incredibly beneficial to a storm chaser if used correctly.

Now is the time to detach, for days or weeks if you can. Eventually that wares on your conscience too. "This weather is so boring. Gosh please something happen!" At that point you are ready. This is the way it should work. The slow weather compliments the stormy times. So take advantage of it! Refill the tanks.

Broadcaster vs. Receiver.

I learn the most when I listen. Quiet weather forces me to listen.

I have two modes: Broadcast and Receiver. They are complete opposites.

When I'm in broadcast mode, it is one way conversation. No BS. It's time for action. I look at the models, I interpret them, I communicate it through the Facebook page/website. It's a constant push outward. When I am pushing out I can't take in.

Slow weather allows me to shut my mouth and listen. This is where learning occurs, as the receiver. Slow weather gives me time to reflect on my ideas and logic. My forecast performance and accuracy. To make corrections for next time. I recently started taking notes as I create forecasts; specifically Hazardous Weather Outlooks. There is wisdom locked in there for me to take advantage of later.

My advice is learn how to take notes as you go. 80% of it might be useless, but 20% is priceless an not otherwise obtainable.

Getting Stuff Done

Our website improves the most during quiet times. I can focus my energy on creating new services and methods of communication. Stormy times force a reactionary mentality, short term thinking, and projects tend to be smaller as a result. Slow weather will give you creative room to plan something more elaborate and free time to execute it. My vision will be long term. My ideas just better overall.

Give Back to Family

If you are like me, I spend most of my time fantasizing about weather. We live for the moment. It can be easy to forget those who matter most when you are chasing storms, forecasting weather, or doing whatever you love to do. Quiet time gives you the opportunity to give back to your family for the tolerance and latitude they give you while pursuing your passion.

Your Next Big Thing

So if you are a storm chaser like me dreading the time left before next storm season, next big event, or opportunity; just know that the slow weather is a great opportunity to grow!!

Don't waste it! Plan your next big thing and get after it!



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