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Two weeks ago I felt the urge to pull out all the notes, sketches, things I wrote down over the years. In the file cabinet I located my "website" folder. Inside were 79 pieces of paper.

I laid them out from left to right, top to bottom all in order with the most recent on the bottom right. As I put them down I looked at each to reflect on that moment. Years and years of stuff. All the things I was trying to do. All the things I did. Many good ideas. Many bad ideas. But all adding up to this moment.

Many things I did on a whim and never wrote down; honestly those projects were some of my favorite. I've added 9 more sheets to it since then. Plus not pictured are the two notebooks I used in the early days.

When following your passion you will do many things and nobody will seem to care. Nobody will seem to understand it and that's okay. Many years I wondered would it ever be enough? I found a way to take pride what I've accomplished. I stopped looking for everyone's acceptance. I found strength in isolation. You set out to improve yourself each day so that tomorrow you will always be a better version of yourself.

Remember this: As long as you are persistent....whatever you seek to accomplish...you will eventually there. It's only a matter of time. Keeping chipping away. Keep pushing. Keep climbing.

As you climb the mountain remember that with each step you put it behind you.

At first the mountain stands in front of you.

But in the end it will stand beneath you.



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