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October Newsletter - God Willing - Weather Permitting

Hey everyone! Wow, what a series of events here on wisconsinwx.com over the last year.

I'm happy to report I'm slowing working back into this 'weather forecasting thing' after taking time away. I feel MUCH better but still have a long way to go. God willing and weather permitting - I wish to make a full return this winter. On Wisconsinwx.com, facebook, and YouTube. My recovery can be a story for another time.

My plan right now is to let it come naturally. If the weather is quiet, I will be too. Nothing forced. Nothing expected.

I've been thinking about a variety of changes to Wisconsin Weather. My goal is to bring new life. Restart. Get back to the good ole days...something that just couldn't happen with the paywall. I feel good but must proceed without pressure/expectation. I still have things to work out in my personal life but I see no reason we can't eventually get back to what wisconsinwx.com was like a couple years ago. We can never go back EXACTLY like before. But we can move in that direction and pray for the best.

I'm focusing on providing free weather information in my free time. Simplification. New look/new life. Restart. Refresh. New Logo? New color?

Anyway, thanks for reading. Take care! Wishing you all the best! Talk to you soon.



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