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In the process of moving to the new home. I'm eager to return and hopeful this move will spark a new beginning. Talk to you soon!

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Hey Justin, don't forget to grab your PWS out on the deck. Good luck with the move.
Dadyoho | May 30, 2021
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I definitely didn't forget! I have a good spot on the roof to put it. Thank you!
Justin Poublon | Jun 1, 2021
Hoping your move to a new base is a home run!  Best of luck to you Justin.  Iā€™m selfishly wishing your new start leads to more Wisconsinwx.com content!
All the best to you JP!
RGSODR | Jun 2, 2021
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Thanks! I miss it and will keep trying!
Justin Poublon | Jun 2, 2021
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