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May 1 2018 12:00 PM CST| 0 Comments | Wisconsin | News

5/1/2018 Happy May!

This is our first ever Wisconsin Weather newsletter!

The intent of this newsletter is to keep our the wolf pack informed on changes going on around the website plus anything that doesn’t fit in the normal day-to-day operation of our page and website. You may call it insider information. This won’t occur with any regularity; just something happens from time to time.

Firstly, if you haven’t already please help us improve our page by filling out this short survey! This has already been very helpful! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QSSL5TT

Here are some of the new things we’ve added to the website recently.

  • New Story Emails - Our admins can now email you blog posts! Only users that have elected to receive these emails will receive them. This is a flag Yes/No on your account page. Every email always has a link to unsubscribe, no questions asked.No strings attached. I’ve asked the admins to use with care. I will also be monitoring the experience closely.

  • Warning Email Alerts - Turned warning alerts back on. We will be monitoring to make sure we are not over-delivering. Last year we had an issue where one email user received the same alert 10 times in one day! That is not how it should work. Please let me know if you are getting hammered repeatedly with emails so I can fix it.

  • Prediction Maps - Most of our website and page traffic comes through our accumulation map posts. This was something we’ve always done but undervalued prior to this past winter. We’re putting new emphasis on it, working to be more accurate. We are always getting better at that. Still no legends but maybe someday!

  • A bunch of other smaller changes, bug fixes, and improvements.

During the April 13-15, 2018 historic blizzard in Wisconsin our facebook page likes grew from 8,500 to 15,600 and our wisconsinwx.com members list doubled in size! This was largely due to one of our forecast maps that went viral. Our goal is to grow our facebook page to 30,000 likes this summer! We’ve identified areas where we can improve to make that happen. Progress starts with the website and flows outward.

Story posts now have a facebook page call out at the bottom. We noticed that new users were reading and leaving right away without seeing the facebook page. Last year I went on a rampage and removing all FB connections on the webiste. My attitude has change this year. We want to bring our new visitors to facebook where most of the action will happen this summer.

Working on a new season of Chasing Storms on YouTube. With a tiny human in the household I am anticipating less and less time in the future. I want to focus my efforts on good videos and not get behind (like I already am).

As always thank you for supporting our website! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. This will send an email directly to my personal email address.


Justin Poublon

Wisconsin Weather Team

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