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MAJOR - WIWX 6.0 "Freedom" Update Released

The first major update to WISCONSINWX.COM since May 22, 2017 has arrived. The 6.0 "Freedom" update provides more freedom to the website and is the biggest expansion of new pages and features since launch in January. Here is the change list:

  • Home Page: Total redesign with brand new front page display that changes dynamically.

  • Timeline: The original feed, one of my favorite pieces of the website was moved to the community section. It has been replaced by the timeline, AKA the "Pulse of Wisconsin Weather". You can monitor events LIVE or pull historical data back to 2005 all viewed in the timeline format! It blends the report map with feed and will be limited to storm reports and weather alerts to start. Includes a redesigned filter system to help narrow in on specific timeframes. There is a special filter called "storms" that you can use to see significant events in the past. This has been in the back of my mind since launch and I'm very happy to see it implemented.

  • Community Section - Home of WISCONSON WEATHER NATION. The old feed page, is limited to comments and conversation about our weather. It does include user-submitted storm reports but doesn't show warnings or storm reports otherwise anymore. I wanted to separate factual event from conversation and start thinking about forums. Plan on the community section continuing to grow in the next few months.

  • Maps: Many new maps including a new graphic & temp display. New maps page. Appearance improvements. The radar and warnings map will now show report dots that fade with time.

  • Forecast Page: 3HR forecast added and planning to expand on future updates. Adjustments to current weather appearance. Changed day 1 to tomorrow which sometimes shows as tonight. Google maps shoved to the right. First attempt at graphs for 7-Day forecast.

  • Blog engine upgrades and workflow improvements. Added ability to write to specific regions. We can't display by region yet but more to come.

  • New storm manager. The storm manager creates storm specific folders that can be used on the timeline, but will also be expanded upon in the future.

  • Account Page: addition of photographer status option, improved appearance.

  • Search bar small redesign, might still have issues on mobile.

  • Share Link: removed facebook references from everything but the profile page. Horray! Can use a share link dropdown instead which automatically copies the link for you.

  • Numerous SEO improvements and bug fixes

As always if you encounter any issues, please let us know! You will need to clear your cache to view the new website. Thanks!



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