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JUNE 2020 - Newsletter - Changes are Coming


I mentioned months ago that I may have overextended on the number of services offered. Monthly forecasts; just like weeklies are going away for now. After two decent monthly forecasts in MAR & APR, the MAY forecast was bad and JUN I'm not optimistic about. I think it's a great idea and will keep the source code. Probably better suited for winter months. Right now NOT FEELING IT. Not working.


I want to focus my time & energy on short range forecasting, storm chasing, fast updates, and the things that's got us here. My niche. My ideology is shifting back to pre-membership days. A pull back...NOT A TOTAL UNDOING. I kind of like the uncertainty of 5+ days. I've found myself trying to explain predictions turned false regarding the long range. Cognitive dissonance towards my own pre-conceived notions. I won't play that game.

I'm doing many things that over-complicate. Storm Events for example have been a GREAT thing but it's a rigid structure. I want to break down the walls; perhaps putting information out there in a new way? Asking many questions of myself. It's time for evolution. The website overall is rigid built to support many services and admins. For now I intend to go it alone on this page; I need to make communication more efficient.

The addition of the "paywall" last summer was frustrating. It's hard to determine what is or isn't "paid". What I should or should not say and when. I shouldn't have to worry about that. I'd rather just share information. Forecast information should be MOSTLY free. I want to open up things up again.

The question is: how do I simplify it down so much that it's like you and I are have a direct conversation? I have an idea.


Going forward I think the basis for membership will be three things:


2. Occasional member only forecast or content.

3. Simply to support me, the website, and facebook page.

This is almost a 180 degree flip from where we were heading but it's really about settling down on my niche. These changes are just beginning and everything won't happen immediately; I'm carefully going through the process. Simply reiterating that I think we over-extended and probably need to pull it back. I wish this website to be my full time job but I won't destroy my passion to make it happen.

It may or may not work out in the end and that's okay. I'm not a slave to the money and will do what I want to do. This should be fun and enjoyable. I can't see myself doing anything else with my life and will let fate decide.

"Jesus take the wheel" while I push the pedal to floor.

Thank you!



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