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Introducing Warning Specific Graphics

Phase two of the warning system upgrade is now complete following our latest website update this weekend . Here is an introduction to warning specific graphics.

Wisconsin Weather
Warning continuation for multiple counties in southeast Wisconsin on December 11, 2018

We now have the ability to share graphics for specific warnings. These are very similar to what you see shared by the National Weather Service during weather events. These graphics will be found in four places:

  • Home Page - Displays up to four. A show more button appears that takes you to the active warnings page.

  • Email alerts

Each warning alert from the NWS will be processed into graphics automatically by our system including cancels, upgrades, and extensions. This is currently set to use our "Classic" map view with radar and reports dots. Warning polygons will display down to the county level. For example a Tornado Warning will show as a tight window containing just the warning. Storm motion arrows will also be shown where storm motion information exists. Like GRLevel3, Storm Motion arrow length corresponds to distance traveled. Our graphics are set to 30 min distance traveled.

Wisconsin Weather
Test warning from an extended warning in Kentucky from the North Carolina snow storm this weekend

These graphics will need some polishing which can't happen until we've had a chance to try them on social media. Expect some changes to the graphics and the pages they appear on. If you manage a facebook page for your local area you may share these graphics. They are separated by WFO. I'm curious to see how well these spread. Only one way to find out and that is to wait until something happens!




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