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Coldest and Snowiest Start to April On Record

Snow accumulation from the April 13-15,2018 historic blizzard in northern Wisconsin. 33" of snow fell in Amherst, WI.

The Green Bay, WI historical site containing records back to the summer of 1886 with a 99% coverage rate. During the first 17 days of April 2018, Green Bay set the following records:


  • 36.7''. Previous record 1907 - 15.1". 24.2" of that came on April 14,15 2018.

Average High Temperature

  • 36.2°F. Previous record 1907 = 42.0°F. That's 6 degrees below the lowest temperature ever recorded and 15.5°F below average! Wow!

Average Low Temperature

  • 21.8°F. previously 27.8°F in 1950.

The April 13-15, 2018 blizzard was also the 2nd heaviest snow on record at 24.2''. This includes all months of the year such as December and January. It was the heaviest snow for month of April on record.

Average high temperature in Green Bay this time of year is 55°F.

The statement "coldest & snowiest ever" is valid and accurate, at least relative to the last 131 years. That's incredible.

Warmer weather has arrived across Wisconsin and temperatures will approach 60F by Sunday.


The weather at any single point does not necessarily describe the entire state as a whole. The Green Bay record is the most complete of any in Wisconsin. It is not a "HCN" site which means data manipulation was not been needed to complete the record nor adjusted arbitrarily. For example; observation sites in Milwaukee and Madison have changed location since record keeping began. Other considerations including urban heat islands. There are many long, unmanipulated records in the state of Wisconsin that we have not analyzed yet. You can analyze the data yourself by visiting this link and downloading the records on the right side of the page!



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