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Cold temps will hopefully improve ice conditions on lakes and rivers.


Some area lakes are beginning to produce ice safe enough for foot travel, ice fishing, and other forms of recreation. I measured about 6 inches on Lake Menomin here in Dunn County this last week. Just safe enough for foot travel and perfect for ice fishing.

However, I been reading reports of poor ice thickness and conditions further north due to major snow accumulations in recent weeks. 

Heavy snow is known to "insulate" ice, making it difficult for more ice to form. 

It looks like the Chippewa Valley will see a blast of arctic air in the coming week that will hopefully help improve ice conditions across the area. 

Im assuming ice conditions on lakes in the northland will gradually improve as well.

As always, be safe and know the condition of the ice before heading out on any lake or river this winter...

(Photo courtesy of Wisconsin Public Radio WPR)



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