Wisconsin Weather

Chilly Northwesterly Winds and Light Snow Tuesday

Happy Monday! As our Monday storm system pulls away colder air will pour into Wisconsin on Tuesday.

Wisconsin Weather
Colder air pours into Wisconsin following the Monday storm system.


Temperature graph for Wisconsin Rapids shows sharply decreasing temperatures Tuesday. By Wednesday below average temperatures are expected across Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Weather
Wisconsin Rapids temperature graphic


Gusty northwesterly winds will develop during the day and peaking during the PM hours. Gusts up to 50 MPH are possible along and west of the Mississippi river including far southwest Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Weather
Strong NW wind on Tuesday.


In addition to the wind, light snow showers are expected with light snow accumulations by early Wednesday AM. There will be a narrow zone of 0.5"-1.0" somewhere across southern Wisconsin(see target on map below).

Wisconsin Weather
Light snow accumulations up to 1.0" Tuesday through early Wednesday AM. Higher amounts near Lake Michigan and Superior

Quieter weather develops for the second half of the week with a chance for snow Friday into Saturday.



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